Three reasons why cats bite and how to make them stop

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You have to admit that no one in the world likes it when a cat starts biting. If we can let a furry little kitten get away with it, then adult cat bites shouldn’t be tolerated!

You’ll be glad to know that there are ways to wean your cat from scratching. Michael Delgado, a renowned cat behavior consultant and philosophy doctor, explains the most common causes of cat bites and how to temper your precious cat’s temperament.

Unnecessary touching of the cat

Mikkel says cats can be very worried about unnecessary and intrusive strokes. Handholding against the will of the animal can also exacerbate the situation and lead to a reaction of bites and scratches.

Another factor is stroking the areas that make the animal uncomfortable. These are usually the stomach, hind legs and tail.

“My first advice is to step aside and let the cat decide how to treat him,” says Michael.

Many of us love cats because they are so soft and cute. After a busy day, we just want to sit on the couch, pet a living teddy creature, hear a purring and gently sprinkle the pet. But it’s worth remembering that the cat is a characteristic and willful creature, with wild instincts dominating in the first place, no matter how well they are muted by the housekeeping.

A cat desperately wants to play with you

We often forget that cats are attracted to our simplest actions, such as the movement of our feet and the way we move around the house.

Mikkel explains that simply moving around the apartment can lead to a playful and energetic cat chasing the owner and attacking his feet with his paws, scratching and biting them.

“This cat probably lacks attention. Play more with her, or get a second companion cat,” says Michael Delgado.

“If you’re not ready to bring a second cat into the family, think of new active exercises, an obstacle course, or just buy new toys for cats from the pet shop!

Something wrong with the environment

If your cat seems frightened or bites just because she wants to protect herself, it’s a sign of an unfavourable home environment.

Mikkel says it can be related to other animals, people in the house or even the way of life. Remember, every cat should have a private place to hide or sleep, curled up in a ball.

If this is the case, it’s important to get in touch with your vet in time. As each cat’s environment improves on its own, work in pairs with a professional. Once you understand your cat’s needs, you can give them comfort and peace of mind.

“An aggressive cat is a cat that’s going to protect itself, while a cat that’s more playful and aggressive simply shows natural predatory behaviour,” explains Michael.

But no matter why your cat bites you, it’s always important to stay calm after this happens. According to Michele, severe punishment or inadequate response from you can make your cat bite even harder and make things worse next time. Instead, just try to leave the room and close the door behind you for a while.

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