The wolfhound is a mixture of sheepdog and wolf

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This breed is the result of a German shepherd crossing with a she-wolf. For a long time breeders have been looking for a suitable species (she-wolf, domestication).

A few years later, they managed to find a she-wolf who lived in a remote village near a hunter. He picked her up in the forest, very tiny, and brought her up from birth. After the animal was bought back from the hunter, the she-wolf got to the Perm Institute of Breeding.

For four years, the she-wolf, who was dubbed Naid, kept the males away from her, but then chose her father for her offspring. It was Baron, the purebred dog of a German shepherd. In 2002 the first puppies of this unique breed were born.

Appearance of hybrids

Wolfhound breed is similar in structure and color to wolf: head with wide forehead and elongated muzzle, strong jaw, ears standing triangular shape, high and strong limbs, fried sides, thick tail with abundant woolen cover.

By itself, the woolen cover is short and slightly hard to touch. Undercoat dense, thick. The wool is similar in color to wolf’s wool. Color varies from light grey to dark grey, but other options are also possible. Sometimes there are white spots on the face.

Wolfhound grows up to 67 centimeters and weighs up to 45 kg. Dogs of this breed are long-livers, some of them live to 40 years.

Care rules

Wolfhounds aren’t picky about leaving. They lick themselves well, and do not require additional hair care from the person. Keep this semi-wild dog in a spacious enclosure or in a large fenced area.

Important: Do not keep the wolf dog with other dogs and keep it on chains.

The dog should live on the street. The aviary should be protected from the wind and a shady place should be created so that the dog can escape the rain and the scorching sun.


The diet is no different from that of large breeds of dogs. Approximately 80% meat to 20% cereals and vegetables. It is better to give meat and bones in raw form.

Exceptions are industrial fodder! They are not suitable for this hybrid breed. The dog itself will refuse to eat them.

Attitudes towards people

Wolfhound is a smart and mentally balanced dog. These traits of character were adopted from a shepherd. To the extent tender, they react adequately to the person and do not show aggression without reason. The owner of the half-wolf will obey without question, and will follow all the commands if he thinks he is the leader.


For training of this breed the person with formation of the kinologist, and a wide experience of work behind shoulders will approach. Wolfhounds should not be shouted at and used with physical force. They are malleable, but willful, so the trainer should be patient and patient to achieve results.

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