Should I take my pets to the zoo salon?

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While walking around the park, you’ve probably had to deal with owners of chic, hairy, trendy, stylish and incredibly beautiful dogs with shiny, shiny and shimmering wool. Most likely their owners have recently visited the beauty salon for dogs, using a set of procedures provided to them. Initially, the salons were used by dog owners who participated in Russian and international dog shows. But over time, the thinking of owners of decorative and rare dogs has changed. And now it is not enough for many people to bathe their favorite pet in the nearest puddle, after which the animal may fall ill or catch some contagious disease.

Most often, owners of dogs with thick wool come to the dog salon. The trimming service, for example, allows you to pluck out unwanted wool. But not all breeds are trimmed. This service is suitable for woolly terriers such as Erdel, Fox, Irish, Scotch Terrier, West, Core, Wilsch, Silichem, Norwich, Griffin, Greyhound, Cocker Spaniel, Pug and Dachshund.

It should be noted that a visit to the zookeeper can also transform your dog beyond recognition. Usually, cutting a dog’s hair is the work of a few hairdressers, as one specialist with thick hair can’t handle it. The presence of your dog’s owner during these procedures is essential to restrain and eliminate aggressiveness if necessary. Before going to the dog salon, you need to choose a style and decide what the procedure is for. As a rule, a dog haircut is necessary before the upcoming show. After all, the competition jury and the audience evaluate the dog not only on its capabilities, abilities, skills and abilities, but also on the appearance.

It should be emphasized that many dog owners, who used the services of beauty salons, became repeated winners of international and national exhibitions. Excellent haircut, pleasant appearance of wool, presence of manicure elements allowed to win the most prestigious awards. If you are not a participant of such events, but want to make your dog original, luxurious and unique – beauty salons are always for your servants. After all, it is so nice to meet on the street proudly walking owner and next to him – no less stylish and charming dog.

It is worth noting that the grooming and beauty of the dog is not only an aesthetic look, but also, importantly, the health of your favorite animal. So-called grooming is inherent in the nature of every dog. You’ve probably often seen them washing, bathing and scratching themselves. Artificial grooming with human participation allows you to use more professional ways and methods to bring pets to the proper form. Careful staff and a good-natured salon environment will make grooming a real treat for you and your pet. Many groomers are members of cynological organizations and the Russian Academy of Groomers.

High-class beauty salons for dogs even have a high-class zoologist who can conduct a psychotherapy session for your pet. This service is inexpensive and becomes more and more popular every year. After all, the presence of noisy surroundings and endless construction in large cities has an adverse effect on the psychological condition of pets. An experienced zoological psychologist will conduct a useful psychotherapy procedure with your dog in the presence of its owner.

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