Overview of the world’s nicest and laziest animals

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It’s not just about sloths and cats, who are certainly as lazy as possible. Test your memory, and think, for whom during the day is the most important thing to sleep and quench your hunger?

The 10th place is occupied by a kakapo parrot

An unusual parrot sleeps until 12 hours a day. This bird lives in New Zealand. He has wings, but he is so lazy that it is even hard for him to fly. It is also unusual that a bird leads a nightlife.

The 9th place is taken by a cute panda

This animal sleeps 10 hours a day. After a long time of searching and eating bamboo, pandas like to climb trees and sleep there for hours.

The 8th place is taken by a barbed an anteater

This animal sleeps 12 hours a day. Although they are not as lazy as sloths, they are very slow animals. Ants are usually solitary, avoiding the scorching sun during the day, so they mostly sleep during the day.

7th place goes to the squirrel

Surprised? After all, many people know squirrels as agile and skilful animal. In fact, they sleep up to 14 hours a day, because their diet is rich in fats and carbohydrates.
These fluffy creatures are isolated in nests, which are built of leaves and branches. Inside they are filled with fur, feathers and other soft materials that they collect from the ground.

The 6th place is occupied by lemur

These animals sleep 16 hours a day. Lemurs are very independent creatures and each of them spends their day as they wish. However, at night they like to get together and sleep in a large group.

The 5th place is for an owl monkey

This kind of monkey needs to sleep 17 hours a day. Paradoxically, this monkey is a really lazy animal that extracts food at night.

4th place is taken by possum

Sleeping 18 hours a day for a possum is normal. He’s a slow creature who needs time to adapt to any new environment. A dark and secluded hideout is the best option for a pet.

The 3rd place is taken by the battleship

Armadillos can sleep 19 hours a day. They lead an active image in the evening. There are different theories, but scientists are still finding out the reason for such a long sleep.

The 2nd place belongs to the brown bat

These creatures need to sleep for 20 hours. 4 hours a day – that’s all the time the bats are awake. It is noteworthy that mice hibernate for six months due to seasonal food interruptions.

1st place is occupied by koala

Koala is a record-breaking sleeper. From 24 hours to sleep she spends 20-22 hours a day! To digest food, they spend 80% of their time sleeping in the trees. Therefore, after eating eucalyptus leaves she needs only one thing – to sleep well.

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