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The story of the most loyal dog in the world has stirred up the minds of each of us. Tragic is the fact that it actually happened in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century.

Hidesaburo Ueno, the owner of the dog, was a good teacher at Tokyo University. In 1924, the puppy first arrived in Tokyo at the professor’s house. Hachiko had an amazing habit. He used to walk the man from home to the station every day, where he left for work and then returned home. In the evening, like clockwork, he ran to the platform and met the owner, rejoicing at every meeting.

Interesting facts:

The professor received a dog as a gift from a local farmer;
The owner decided to name the dog Hachiko, which is translated from Japanese as “the eighth”, in honor of the magical meaning of the numbers;
At the time of Professor Hatiko’s death, the dog was only a year and a half old.

Day after day, friends said goodbye and met again, until the fateful year 1925. Once the master simply did not return home. On this day, the man had a heart attack, and he died suddenly. The dog waited as usual at the station, not realizing that he would never see the master again. Soon Hachiko was handed over to other people, but every time he ran away from them to his old home.

Finally, the dog realized that he would never see Hidesaburo Ueno in the old house again, and moved completely to the station. Day after day, the dog was sitting there waiting for his best friend to return. Passengers were deeply moved by such unheard of devotion and helped the dog with food and warm bedding. For 9 years the dog came to the station every day waiting for its owner.

One day a former professor’s student appeared at the station, who was interested in the dog. He followed Khatiko and found himself outside the house of Kabayashi. This is how he learned the whole story of his dog’s loyalty from his first lips. The meeting pushed the young Japanese man to study the breed in detail and count the total number of dogs in the country. Hachiko is one of the 30 rare Akito Inu dogs. The guy became very attached to Hachi, visited him and even wrote a couple of articles on his outstanding devotion to the dog.

In 1932, a famous Japanese newspaper published the true story of the dog, which in a flash stirred up all residents of the country. The dog suddenly became the property of the country. The dog’s devotion was so out of the ordinary that it set an example for all Japanese people. Now Hachiko was cited as an example not only at home, but also at school.

In 1934 it was decided to erect a statue of a dog. The statue was made of bronze. The dog itself was present at the opening of the monument. In the spring of 1935 Hati did not become. Since then, many have fallen in love with this breed, and began to get themselves puppies Akito Inu.

Interesting facts:

  • The dog died of nematodes that struck his heart;
  • He was gone at the age of 11 years and 4 months;
  • The day after Hatiko’s death, the government declared national mourning.
  • During the war, a statue dedicated to the dog was melted down. However, history was not forgotten, and in 1948 it was rebuilt. The statue is still the main meeting place for people, and among the locals it was called “Hatiko’s exit”.

Interesting facts:

  • There is a second, less well known monument dedicated to the dog, erected in Odate;
  • The scarecrow of the real Hachiko is housed in the Tokyo Museum of Art;
  • There is a record of the bark of Khatiko, which is difficult to restore. In 1994, for the first time (almost 60 years later), people heard the barking of a cult dog.

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