How to choose a leash for a dog

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Dog collars are chosen for age, weight, height and temperament, as well as the purpose and structure of the coat. For small breeds or puppies, lighter and softer products with a cloth base, without metal rivets, etc., are selected. The buckle should be hidden behind a special valve to protect the skin and coat from damage. Leather collars for dogs with smooth wool should not have longitudinal seams on the inner side, which contribute to the rubbing of the skin.

Dog guides differ in strength, material, length and width. Just like dog collars, dog leashes are carefully selected according to the same principles. The bigger the dog, the stronger the leash. The leashes also differ in their purpose. Very convenient for roulette walks for dogs. After all, a short leash restricts the freedom of the animal, and the long one – is confused at the owner’s feet. In rainy weather, the leash does not drag through puddles, and the fixed length does not prevent you from overcoming small obstacles. If necessary, the length of the roulette for dogs can be increased or reduced.

A decorative chain is ideal for visiting the exhibition. And for the forced movement in public places used curls. Dog guides can be either very long, up to 10 meters, or short, suitable for moving the dog near the owner.

Dog barnacles have also been popular recently. They are made of different materials: braid, nylon, leather, tarpaulin, velour and ordinary fabric. When choosing this outfit, it should be taken into account that dog trays must fit tightly to the body, otherwise they will injure the skin of the dog.

Glamorous leashes, dog collars and roulettes have become very fashionable recently. They are made of pink or other bright material with inclusions of small and large strasses, respectively. Of course, this is the prerogative of small, hand-held dogs, which should correspond to their fashionable mistresses.

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