Why were cockroaches in Rus’ honorable neighbors and what animals were called good luck mascots?

Why were cockroaches in Rus’ honorable neighbors and what animals were called good luck mascots?

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Today, people are striving for maximum comfort: in terms of housing, vehicles and pets. After all, it is much easier to take care of an unpretentious cat in a two-room apartment, rather than keep the household in a private house.

Our ancestors believed that each animal affects the fate of man, regardless of size and purpose.

If there’s no cockroaches in the house, there won’t be any money

Cockroaches in Russia were respected and honored. If red moustaches crawled in the hut, then the year promised to be profitable. If black cockroaches appeared, it was to be an unheard of wealth.

It is noteworthy that if people wanted to know about the prosperity of a family, they were the first to ask about the presence of cockroaches in the house. When they moved, the happy people, apart from the elderly, brought moustached guests with them, because no one wanted to live in poverty! The “thankful” cockroaches repaid the good, warning the owners of the hut of possible troubles, such as a fire.

The first mascot is a bear.

The attitude to this beast in Russia was special: it was attributed to a mystical power and considered to be a descendant of the other world. If the girl in the situation wanted to know the sex of the child, it was necessary to encourage a clubfoot. For this purpose, pregnant women would stock up on bread, go to the bear and watch the process of eating food. If the animal ate bread slowly, a boy will be born. If the animal took bread, but at the same time showed aggression and growled – it is destined to be born a girl.

Bear could have helped exorcise demons, and that’s how it happened. The patient was placed on the Earth, brought in a bear and put his powerful front paw on the patient’s forehead. If necessary, the procedure was repeated.

Second talisman – red cat and white cat

Cat (!) of light or red color was accepted to run in the hut first. Newcomers believed that it was the red purple that could enrich the owners, because it was born the God of Fire. It was believed that all the negative from envious people and unkind neighbors “absorbed” by snow-white cats, protecting the hosts from disease and other attacks.

With a black cat, things were more complicated. No, they didn’t bump and spit over his shoulder three times. The Slavs believed that the animal could bring a man a ruble. All we had to do was find the black mustache completely (!), go out with it to the middle of the street, pinch it, and thus attract a random passerby who would certainly want to buy a poor man’s voice for a specified price – ruble.

Third mascot – red squirrel

Red Squirrel fur was associated by the Slavs with lightning bolts, which in anger are the metal of Perun. If the tail is a discharge, the crunch with which the squirrel chews nuts resembled the sounds of thunder. Ancestors believed that if a fast rodent ran into a yard or a dwelling, the welfare of the family would multiply.

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