The story of two brothers and a willful cow

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I never thought that my husband was such a joker as a child. He was the first to be born in the family, and as an older brother he often joked about the “little ones”. The second brother, Andrei, got the most of all. But Andreika grew up, and decided to repay my Leshka with the same coin. Later Leshka told me that he would remember this joke for the rest of his life…


Parents at that time kept a huge farm, who was not there only: 10 cows, 5 sheep, 6 pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits and other animals. At the beginning, cows from all over the farm grazed a shepherd, but later it became a costly affair, and the villagers agreed to divide the herding among themselves.

They say that each house is grazing for a week. This is how they still graze to this day…

Leshka and Andrei were already the elders. Leshka turned 15, and Andrey 12. So their mother sent them to the field for half a day and gave them the following instruction: “The folder will come in for lunch, take some food, water and wait for him. Keep an eye on the cows, not play with each other!

Well, children are children. Eat then took, but how not to play with each other. And then Andrei came up with a brilliant idea…

The game is a cow running, and you’re flying

“Lech, let’s play a game,” Andryushka suggested. Everybody should choose a cow, catch her, grab her tail brush and ride! Whoever holds on longer, wins.

Leshka refused, but Andrei was not a coward. He jumped up, caught up with “Milka”, grabbed his tail and everything went wrong here…

The cow kicked Andrei’s back legs into the chest with all her strength, and went on to chew delicious juicy grass. The elder brother saw it and ran up to the victim. He was lying there muttering something, rubbing his forehead with his hand.

“Are you all right? Can you stand up? Do you recognize me at least?” – said my brother. But Andrei did not recognize him…

He was lying there, looking up into the sky, and he kept saying, “Where am I, and who are you? What happened to me” …

“Everyone, you don’t have to go home, my parents will punish me for my brother,” thought Leshka, sat down next to Andriusha and cried.

Here the brother jumped up, as if nothing had happened, laughed and said that he had played a gullible simpleton. But his brother wasn’t angry. He hugged the wounded joker and was glad nothing serious had happened to him.

P.S. At home, of course, there was a question, both of them. Then we went to the local trauma center. The doctor did an examination and said the guy got away with a little frightening. The lump healed, and this story is still remembered in a cozy home environment, and it will run away.

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