The only dog breed in the world is an amphibian

The only dog breed in the world is an amphibian

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This breed of dog is equally comfortable both on land and in water! There is no equal in swimming competitions, because even if the dog is sick, he comes to the finish line first. Their endurance is perfectly combined with intelligence and good-naturedness. It’s a Portuguese water dog, Barack Obama’s favorite breed.

Irreplaceable companions of fishermen

This Portuguese breed of swimmers was bred to conquer the water. The Black-White, always wet water Portuguese is the only breed that can be called an amphibian dog.
Many years ago the dog was taken out to help fishermen. Their powerful physique, combined with thick wool to this day allows them to fight against the rapid currents, and win when pulling out of the sea fishing nets. The raging barking of animals warned fishermen of the approaching schools of fish, even in thick fog.

What is unique about the breed?

It is not easy to keep this breed. They require constant washing, frequent combing and regular cutting. Their wool is like a human hair. If you don’t cut your favorite hair, it can grow to the ground. It is recommended to cut them under the retriever.
The colours may vary: brown, black and white or dark with white speckles. This breed is also famous for two types of wool – straight and shiny hair, or curly, but without shine. What’s convenient is that none of the wool types moult.

In terms of nutrition, the dog is also different from other relatives. Puppies’ teeth start to cut at the age of 6-7 weeks, so it’s time to treat them with fish! For kids the best treat is sea fish and goat milk. Fish was the main foodstuff of those water dogs that helped the Portuguese fishermen.

Puppies of this breed is better to buy, as well as to train to swim from 2 months of age. It is especially recommended to have a companion for children suffering from neurological diseases. To produce courage in the breed, you need frequent training and daily exercises in the water.

A couple of surprising features of dogs:

portuguese water dog standing on the rocks by a marina
  • They love to clean up garbage, carry heavy bags or bags in their teeth;
  • They are grouped together at lightning speed if a relative is in danger;
  • have lifeguard skills, so they can easily get an adult or child on land.

A Portuguese water dog is prone to Addison’s disease, where the endocrine system suffers. The disease can affect your dog at any time in his life, over 10 months of age. That’s why veterinarians together with breeders fight to breed healthy dogs free from this disease.

Otherwise, the dog has perfect health, a cheerful temperament and a beating energy that has to be directed in the right direction every day.

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