That’s what your cat’s trying to tell you with his ears

That’s what your cat’s trying to tell you with his ears

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If the cat’s eyes are a window into their souls, then the cat’s ears can be a window into their emotions.
Experts say that a pet’s ears can be quite revealing when it comes to his inner feelings. Undoubtedly, the first and most obvious response to stimuli is the cat’s tail. But now that you know the peculiarity, try to pay attention to your ears to see what your four-legged friend wants to say.

Ears forward

According to American studies by cynologists and zoologists, this ear position means that your cat feels interested, alert or just happy. Kittens who are particularly curious can often use this position to listen more closely to sounds and see what’s going on around them.
In adult cats and cats, this position of the ears is most often fixed when they play with a favorite toy or watch objects in the window.

Ears back, sideways or pinned

Sometimes these ears are called “wings of an airplane.” This or any combination of these often means your cat is angry, irritable or frightened.
According to experts, a cat in a defensive position usually presses its ears down to protect its head. Meanwhile, a cat that is aggressive usually shows flat ears with a bend. In this position, a person is able to see the tips of the back ears from the front. It is not advisable to pick up, press or iron a cat in this position.

Ears that rotate 180 degrees forward

This indicates that your favorite girl listens very carefully to every sound and makes full use of her sharp hearing.
According to research, each cat’s ear has 32 muscles. With 12 muscles, she can turn her ear up, down, back and forth 180 degrees. So don’t worry, the cat’s ears are naturally deft.

However, be alert if your cat’s ears start to twitch rather than spin. A rare twitch indicates that your cat is nervous, while a constant twitch may indicate a medical problem that requires a vet.

So remember how the cat feels and communicates with its owner through body language. Understand your cat and live with him in love and harmony.

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