Pet eye care

Pet eye care

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Pure and clear eyes with no secretions are a sign of the animal’s health and the care of its owner. A dog or cat may have small secretions after a nap, just like humans, but they are easy to clean. However, some breeds of dogs and cats need special care. For example, pugs and Pekinese puppies don’t have tear fluid poured out through their ducts, but directly over the edge of the lower eyelid, leaving visible traces. In addition, many breeds require special attention to the eyes, as the structure of their eyes allows for easy penetration of various infections, foreign bodies, resulting in the animal looks ill-tended, unhealthy, crusts on the eyes, in large quantities formed pus.

If you try to embellish your pet, for example with a model haircut, then eye care will not only be useful for the health of the animal, it will decorate it.

Eye disease can be avoided by maintaining animal hygiene. For example, you should be as careful as possible while bathing and make sure that nothing gets into your eyes. Some small dogs’ eyes should be examined regularly: their convex eyeballs, which also blink slowly, collect more dust, pollen, etc. than other breeds, firstly, because of their structure, secondly, because of their close proximity to the source of pollution – the ground, floor, etc. For long-haired dogs, the danger is their own hair, which can get into the eyes and cause increased tears and even inflammation. Daily animal care must be supplemented with combing in order to remove dead hair, collect long strands of hair above the eyes in the tails, as well as treat the eyes with special droplets and in no case wipe the eyes of the animal with the tips of the dog’s ears.

Daily eye examination after each walk to allow to notice in time problems with eyes which can appear even at observance of hygiene of animals; processing by the cotton swab moistened in a special lotion, a weak salt solution or at least in boiled water, allows to remove in time the dust which has got in an eye, a sorinka etc., to remove the accumulated allocation which can after some time become the environment for reproduction of harmful bacteria. Although products for animals in Belarus can be found in the assortment, if there is an urgent need to use droplets and there is no means at hand for animals, it is better to use children’s eye droplets, as droplets for adults can cause allergies. If despite the care of the animal, it is necessary to consult a specialist, it is worth seeking the help of a veterinarian, who will diagnose, professionally remove the foreign body, professionally treat the eyes.

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