Koltuns and dying hair are bad for your pet’s health.

Koltuns and dying hair are bad for your pet’s health.

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A well-groomed and healthy pet is the owner’s pride. But nothing spoils the exterior as much as unhealthy or piled wool. Daily hair combing of cats and dogs – both long-haired and short-haired – should become a habit for many reasons. First of all, it is a guarantee of cleanliness in the house and the animal itself, which means the health of the pet and its owner.

Pet hair combing should be accustomed to almost from birth. Although babies still have short hair, every night it is worth spending some time to get acquainted with the hairbrush. If you walk the comb in the direction of hair growth from head to tail, the baby will definitely like this procedure, he will get used to it. Scratching is a kind of massage, it stimulates blood circulation, improves the condition of the coat, and minimizes the formation of coltuns. Moulting reduces the amount of hair on the floors, walls, furniture, clothing, and in the stomach after licking there will be no wool lumps, which cause vomiting, constipation and even obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to death.

A two-sided comb is best used for combing: the side with a large gap between the teeth removes dust and debris from the cover, the smaller side removes dead hair, the base of the tangles. Special attention is paid to the “armpits” of the animal, the groin and neck. Many people think that combing wool is too much to do, and street cats, for example, do not have tangles. However, it should not be forgotten that the street animal often gets through the bushes and branches, and dying hair remains on these natural combs.

Koltuns do a lot of harm to the animal: they restrict the movement of animals, trying to get rid of them, licks the tangles and wet saliva, resulting in a favorable environment for the development of various bacteria and parasites inside the tangles. Removal of koltunov – process is labour-intensive and unpleasant both for an animal, and for the owner. Only beginners can try to unravel the tangles carefully, but for the old there is only one thing to do – a haircut. Including the cutting of inguinal zones. Our specialists will help you to cope with tangles gently and carefully, without traumatizing the animal. If the situation is neglected, we’ll give your cat or dog a neat look with a haircut and give you advice and recommendations on how to avoid repetition.
Hair combing and tangling are time-consuming if you don’t have enough, patience isn’t enough, and your pet refuses to be flexible when you see a hairbrush – trust the professionals! We have the experience and stamina to make your pet beautiful and healthy. We can also do a comb in our pet hotel!

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