Greek shepherd

Greek shepherd

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It’s a real shepherd’s dog. She needs a lot of exercise and a family in which she feels like a full member. It is currently used as a watchdog for the home. Born in the Netherlands. It is of similar origin to the Briard, Bergamo shepherd and bearded collie. This dog has never been popular with the nobility, so there is no graphic or written evidence of its history.

A medium-sized dog. The height in the crest is 43-51 cm. The head is large. The skull part, like the bearded face, is wide. Eyes of medium size, dark, covered with long, shaggy wool. Ears of medium length, planted as close as possible to the nape of the neck, lie flat. Long wool completely covers the head. The neck is of medium length, muscular. The chest is deep and wide, the abdomen is selected. It is a dog of a long format, i.e. the length of the body exceeds the height in the withers. The back is long, straight and very strong. The tail is long, thick and covered with long wool. The wool is long, thick, hardish, often wavy. Ideal color between black and gray and blue, but any other color is also allowed.

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