Gadgets that bring joy to four-legged favorites

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Today gadgets are not only human prerogative. Now with the help of convenient devices can be spent on the care of a pet in half the time.

Let’s see what inventions can be called useful, and what are created to amuse the pet.


2-in-1 fixture: camera + pet feeder. Furbo helps you learn what four-legged hooligans do when they’re alone at home and give voice commands when you need them.

The device has the ability to reward your dog with delicacies. To do this, the owner must fill the device with dry food or other food before leaving, and use the smartphone to “throw” 1 portion of the treat.

Aridus Den

Every day, up to 10 hours a day, our favorites are left to themselves. The producers of this gadget made sure that the waiting for pets was as comfortable as possible.

The clever lazhanka is not only comfortable for the animal, but also fits beautifully into the interior. The built-in temperature sensor heats and cools the bed automatically, and it is absolutely silent.


The animal isn’t active enough, and you have the strength to play with it? A smart device will help to solve the problem. Plus, it doesn’t take much time and space to install it. A couple of minutes is enough to install swiftpaws, consisting of a pulling device, thread and white flags.

The movement speed of the flag is manually adjustable and the maximum length of the thread is 65 meters. It runs on battery power and can be remotely controlled.

Woof Washer

An innovative design that is a wide hoop with holes for water and shampoo. The device works in 2 modes (water supply with shampoo and rinsing) and is connected to a normal watering hose.

This device allows you to swim with a four-legged friend without any hassle or time consuming.

Bonus: Woof Washer manufacturers claim that the design has a massage effect.

Wanti cat toy

Interactive toy with six game modes, designed for the development of natural cat instincts.

For fun, cats can choose from the following games: catching a catch at a height, jumping after a moving stick with feathers, “fishing” on a worm, batting, playing with a moving ball and tracking a moving toy.

Wanti cat toy can be activated remotely by setting the 10 minute tease mode.

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