Four breeds of dogs that aren’t exactly homeless!

Four breeds of dogs that aren’t exactly homeless!

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Unfortunately, there have been more and more cases of pedigree dogs being homeless recently. And it’s not about the animal’s willfulness, but about people’s degenerating attitude towards living beings.

But let’s remember, have you ever met a collie or an asshole in the street among the labradors, pit bull terriers, taxis and shepherds? Of course not, because these are rare and very expensive breeds of dogs.

I suggest to get acquainted with four exclusive breeds of dogs over which geneticists and breeders fought for many years, and which under no circumstances will be thrown out on the street!

Navarreanskaya Lega

Староиспанский пойнтер
Староиспанский пойнтер

The ancestors of the old Spanish pointer (second name) were ancient Spanish cops. The breed is hardly found outside of Spain, and in the city puppies can be bought in only a few elite kennels.

For future owners the breeders have strict requirements. One of the conditions: the owner must be a hunter! The Navarrean cop is an incredibly tough, strong and loyal dog. The unique split nose is a business card of the pointer. Thanks to their strong hunting instinct and keen sense of smell, dogs are used for hunting wild birds of prey.

A balanced, calm and dedicated intellectual dog will be an indispensable companion in life and hunting.

2. Moody


The breed is common in Hungary and is usually not found outside the country. Amazing stamina and amazing speed have made four-legged, excellent shepherd dogs. In addition to working as a shepherd’s mother-in-law, the shepherds also have excellent hunting, rescue and police work.

These dogs are unpretentious in food and care (except for the period of moulting), perfectly trained, have an extraordinary intelligence and wild energy.


3. Azawak


Although the dogs of this breed look like victims of severe malnutrition, this type of dog is not due to abuse, but to simple calculation. The fact is that Azawak is an African breed that has been beside nomadic people for centuries. So a dry body with a minimal fat layer is primarily the result of evolution and survival.

In Europe and Russia the breed is not widespread, but in Africa the families living side by side with Azawaks are wealthy and wealthy people.


4. Blue Thai Ridgeback

Archaeologists have established that the Ridgecks have been serving a man for about three to four thousand years. The first written evidence of the existence of dogs with sickle-shaped tail and standing ears can be found in the 17th century Thai manuscripts. This is an ancient indigenous breed of dogs originated from the famous dingo dogs. Thai Ridgebacks are a symbol of Thailand and are almost unknown outside of it.

Dogs are more like cats in a character warehouse. They need constant company, affection and care. They don’t tolerate restrictions on freedom and rights. Smart, clean Ridgecks stand as a one-room apartment in the center of the metropolis, and the cost of maintenance and breaks all records.

Синий Тайский Риджбек

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