Dog haircut and trimming

Dog haircut and trimming

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Dog haircut and trimming is a very important part of animal care and should never be neglected. This service is provided by professionals in many salons, but if you want to save money, it makes sense to master this skill yourself. Of course, you will need special equipment: a machine, scissors, combs, etc. Luckily, today you don’t even have to go out of the house to order everything you need. You can visit one of the websites where pet products are sold – wholesale and retail.

When cutting your dog’s hair, in Minsk or wherever you are, you need to pay special attention to your paws: shaving pillows is a very important procedure, because it is the coat that grows between them that becomes the most dirty during the walk. Shaving the hair on your feet and between the pads is a must-have hygiene procedure.
Fingers should be shaved very carefully, as dogs react to this restlessly. However, you need to be persistent and teach your dog to shave regularly. You can start with any limb of your pet. It’s worth noting that your dog’s hind legs are more relaxed. But in any case, using a special tool purchased at a pet shop in bulk or at retail, don’t forget to take precautions.

You’ll be comfortable working if you put your dog on the table. Take the paw of your stomach with your left hand and squeeze it a little so you can easily shave the hair between your fingers. Grab the tool in your right hand. Of course, if you are left-handed, your hands should be changed.
Start your claw shave (against hair growth). Take your time, you will need some time to adjust and act skillfully enough. The hair on your pet’s paw should be cut between the fingers, sides and top. Now you have to treat the inside, that is, the place that gets dirty the most. Having finished all the manipulations, move to the other foot. The height of the part of the paw that is cut can vary. In bad weather, it makes sense to shave the legs higher so that there is less dirt after the walk.
After the dogs are cut, they usually bathe to wash off all the fine hairs shaved by the machine.

Don’t forget that only special products should be used to bathe your dog, and never shampoo your dog with a human-appointed shampoo. You can buy a quality shampoo for your pet in the same place where you are used to buying goods for animals (shop, Internet, zoo).

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