Cutting pets’ claws – trust professionals who have completed a dog haircut course.

Cutting pets’ claws – trust professionals who have completed a dog haircut course.

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If you decide to own a dog or cat, you need to remember that a pet is not only a joy and a positive thing, but also a huge responsibility. It is up to you to decide whether your four-faced friend’s life will be comfortable and happy. Any animal will need a bowl, a place to sleep, a cat will need a litter tray, and the dog will need a leash and a muzzle. It is not necessary to buy very expensive accessories, even the goods for animals b u are quite suitable.

In addition, all pets need appropriate care. Prepare yourself for the fact that the pet will need to bathe, clean the eyes and ears, regularly show the vet. Haircuts for dogs and cats are also a necessary procedure for many breeds.

One of the most popular services of veterinary clinics and pet shops is claw clipping. However, this procedure can be done by yourself, if you buy special pliers – you will find them in products for animals, in an online store or at another point of sale offline. You don’t need to take a dog haircut course for this, but you should consider a number of nuances.

Cutting a cat’s claws is only necessary if they have grown too long. If your cat is climbing trees, running around a lot and living an active life, it won’t happen. The claws of old, sick animals and cats that are locked up all the time become too long. The length of the animal’s claws should be checked regularly.
Cut off the claw so as not to hit the blood vessel. It is very difficult for one person to cope with this task, so you will need an assistant. You will need to gently squeeze your cat’s fingers, grabbing the cushion behind your index finger and the skin on top of the claw with your thumb. Cut off the claw that appears from the pad across. You can then polish the edges using a special saw blade. This tool can be purchased at any place where pet products are sold (an online store or pet shop).

Dogs also need to have their claws cut as they can interfere with their walking, which changes the gait and causes limpness. In addition, thawed claws are a burden on the joints, and this can cause dislocation.
Many people believe that dogs’ claws are sewn against the asphalt surface themselves during walks. However, this does not apply to the side fingers: the claws are not sewn on them. Also, from time to time, all claws need to be shaped. It’s not for nothing that there are special classes where owners of pets will learn what it is to cut their claws, clean their ears, eat the right food, cut their dogs – the courses provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Just like cats, dogs need to cut their claws regularly and gradually. You don’t have to cut off a big piece right away because you risk hitting a nerve or blood vessel. But, given that the prices for cutting dogs are quite adequate, it is better to entrust the procedure to professionals.

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