Cuckoo mothers in the animal world

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In nature, the struggle for survival sometimes begins from the first minutes of life. Often animals do not try to save their babies in danger, or just leave them immediately after birth.

Let’s look at animals that are clearly not role models…

Darwin’s frog

Mom takes care of the offspring before she puts the eggs away. Then the baton is passed on to the male, who has a special neck bag and protects and takes care of the tadpoles for a long time.


Many people think that the lioness is a beautiful mother, zealously defending her offspring. But few people know that mothers care more about their daughters than about their sons.

90% of lionesses won’t interfere with a lion that can tear a little lion cub, even if it’s their common offspring.

The ant of Adetomirma

The Queen of the colony and her subordinates have a phenomenon called “incomplete cannibalism” by scientists. They occasionally chew holes in larvae and feed on their hemolymphs.

African black eagle

Eagles always have 2 eggs in the clutch, but only 1 chick survives. The fierce struggle for survival begins with the nestlings from childhood. The mother watches quietly and waits for the strong hatching to prevail over the weak one.

Galapagos shark

A lively shark pushes a newborn shark out in shallow water. Do you think this is done to make it easier for your baby to soak up?

NO. Just a shark after the birth of offspring begins to hunt for their babies, if they come across her on the way.

Black Bear

The female black bear will take care and protect her offspring on one condition – if there are several bears in the brood. If the bear is born alone, he will be doomed to loneliness and starvation.

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