Cortals Griffin

Cortals Griffin

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This dog has a great hunting ground and a good character, which makes him a welcome helper in hunting and a favorite in the house. Sensitive and distrustful of outsiders, he can be a good watchman. This griffin is somewhat alienated, as his work requires independence.

Griffin Cortals is very smart and reliable. It is also used when hunting small game, can chase roe deer, fox, willingly works on water and apports. This hunting dog of Germany is widely spread in France. In the 1860s, griffins in France were close to extinction. They were restored by Edouard Carl Cortals of Amsterdam. He collected some good examples of these dogs and started breeding. The beginning was successful, and Cortals’ griffins were well received.
Cortals did not use any other dogs, his griffins on working qualities – instinct, speed of search and endurance – are not inferior to the English pointer. As a result, in 1872 the number of breeds increased, and in 1888 in Germany was established the Club of Griffin Lovers.

It is a dog above average height. The height in the withers is 55-60 cm. The head is large, long. The transition from forehead to muzzle is pronounced. The eyes are large, dark. Hanging ears, high staked, covered with short wool. Neck short, strong. The chest is deep and wide. Tail is bought by one third and is kept at the back level. Wool is bristly and rough, with thick undercoat. There is a mustache, beard and bushy eyebrows on the head. Grey steel with brown spots or monochrome brown.

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