Clean ears are a healthy animal

Clean ears are a healthy animal

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Pet well-being is directly related to proper care, i.e. all hygiene rules and necessary procedures, such as ear cleaning. This is one of the most important measures, as ear diseases can cause serious inconvenience to the animal and its owner. The individual characteristics of each breed must be taken into account. For example, cleaning the ears of pugs can be difficult because of the special shape of the ear sink. It is quite difficult to clean the earmold: it is easier to do this if you put the pug on your back.

Cleaning dogs’ ears usually involves shaving, i.e. getting rid of hair. This is especially true for breeds that have hair inside the sink. If you don’t remove it by hand from time to time, the hair will begin to die out and block the ear canal, which leads to inflammation. It’s a good idea for professionals who have been trained to cut their dogs.

A haircut or shave is required for almost all dogs, even if they are not regularly cut. It’s not about aesthetics or breed standards – it’s about hygiene. If you’re talking about a small breed of dog, such as a Yorkshire terrier, his ears may hang under the weight of his hair. It’s recommended to shave your ears and puppies to get your ears up faster. Shave your ears in the salon or do it yourself.

Your ears can be cut with scissors or shaved with a special cutting machine and a trimmer. The necessary equipment can be purchased from pet shops. Nowadays it is possible to order devices via the Internet: in online shops you can buy goods for animals in bulk; Minsk, Moscow or other city – the place of delivery does not matter.
Cut or shave an animal’s ear in the direction of the wool, i.e. from base to tip. At the end, you can trim the edges with scissors to create a sharp corner at the tip.

Cat ears do not need to be shaved, but they also need special care, especially cleaning. Dirt makes your cat uncomfortable and starts scratching her ears, causing her to get infected. Cleaning your pet’s ears like pugs is done with cotton swabs and a special product. Not all cats are comfortable with this procedure, so they need to be trained in regular hygiene procedures from childhood, including brushing cats and dogs’ teeth, as well as ears, etc.
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A healthy animal looks good, it is fun and active. Hygiene of the animal is directly connected with its health, pollution and parasites can lead to a number of diseases, if not to fight them in time. It is important not to forget to wash with professional cosmetics, combing.

Dogs and cats are in serious trouble with ear diseases, so ear hygiene should be given special attention, in particular, to clean them constantly. Dogs should be cleaned with a special solution at least once a month. If sulphur has accumulated inside, it can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in boric acid or hydrogen peroxide solutions. Inspect the earshells regularly, healthy ears are dry, clean and free of secretions.

Keep in mind that the principle of ear cleaning can vary from breed to breed. For example, to clean the ears of a york, you need to tweezers to remove excess hair from the ear sink, then bury a little bit of a special york ear cleaner that dissolves earwax; then the ears are cleaned with cotton wool and cotton sticks. The ears of York are cleaned at least once a week. But pug ears are complicated by the shape of the ears and the fact that the ears of pugs often get dead hair, which causes a lot of inconvenience to the dog – the owner may decide that the pet is seriously ill, so the dead hair should be carefully removed with a cotton swab or tweezers.

Cat ears also need to be cleaned, dirty ears cause discomfort, cat scratching ears in the hope of getting rid of the inconvenience, can hurt themselves, cause infection. As with dogs’ ears, cats’ ears are cleaned with a cotton swab and a special lubricant, so you can use baby oil. Many cats have difficulty with this procedure, so kittens should be trained to clean their ears from the age of one month. Kittens’ ears are cleaned once a month with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution or baby oil and carefully guided through the ear sink without climbing into the ear canal.

Any cleaning of kittens’, puppies’ and adults’ ears is best entrusted to specialists who will gently and gently clean the ears, remove all dirt, sulfur, dead hair and at the same time recognize the beginning of the disease. With the help of professionals it is easier to monitor the health of your pet – and he will always be cheerful and alert.

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