An American-Canadian white shepherd

An American-Canadian white shepherd

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This dog combines many valuable qualities. It can be used for hunting, as well as for protection and personal protection. It is a dog with balanced behavior, infinitely devoted to its owners. Natural sensitivity and caution make him an excellent watchman. She’s a great walker and home runner, successfully combining character vivacity with obedience, so now many people just keep the Ainu as a pet and companion dog. Ainu is an indigenous breed in Japan. Her homeland is Hokkaido Island in Japan, where she appeared about three thousand years ago with the Ainu people.

Hokkaido Island is the largest brown bear reserve in Japan, one of the few places on earth where you can see several dozen bears during their fattening on salmon spawning. The population of this island and the surrounding areas have always coexisted with bears. It’s no surprise that Ainu has specialized in bear work in the area. It is the duty of this dog to find the bear and fearlessly bait it, distracting it from the hunter, but not to hang on it as a terrier and not to engage in direct struggle as a mastiff. Ainu has played a huge role in the formation of many breeds in Japan. Fierce, courage and fidelity are the traits that Ainu has taken through the ages and preserved in itself.

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