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Having sheltered a new resident in our dwelling, we always wonder where to place him. After all, each dog, as well as a man should have its own place to live and rest. We offer your pet houses for dogs and comfortable beds for dogs. Having found a convenient place, you will be able to create a cozy and quiet environment for your pet. For small puppies, for example, the brightly coloured dog houses made of easy-to-wash, leather substitute material are perfect.

There are dog houses made in the form of real dog boxes, but with the addition of decorative elements and soft pads for your pets. Going on a long journey, or moving to the summer period out of town, you can easily bring with you houses and beds and install it in a new place. Their design is very simple: with the help of zippers you can easily assemble and disassemble your pet’s favorite home.

Larger dogs usually prefer to relax in the open, so oval dog beds are the best way to get them to curl up in their favourite position, the ‘ball and chain’. These bunks are incredibly comfortable as they almost repeat the body of your dog. A soft mattress featherbed and a bone toy will make your pet’s sleep sweet and carefree.

These accessories are easy to take care of. After all, the materials from which the beds are made for dogs, can be washed and cleaned without any special detergents. Buying houses and beds for your pets, you protect small puppies from draughts, and large dogs from the possibility of catching a cold lying on the cold floor. These products are very convenient to transport: light weight and small size will not take up much space in your car or bag.

The wide choice of models will allow you to easily choose a house and a bed for a dog of any breed. The wide colour scale and the original design decision allows to be entered to the given accessories in any interior. All houses and beds for dogs are supplemented with bright and stylish decorative elements in the form of bows and flounces. Some kits come with a soft bed and a toy for fun. If you decide to create a cozy and comfortable environment for your dog, then be sure to buy a bed or a house for him!

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