Dalmatians are special dogs

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I don’t think there’s a man who doesn’t know Dalmatians. This breed is unique, playful, willful and proud. No dog in the world is not endowed with such a chic “suit”, ideal for the urban environment.

After the release of the cash cartoon “101 Dalmatian” on the dogs fell frenzied popularity. Puppies were disassembled like hot pies. Breeders, for the sake of profit, did not follow all the rules for breeding dogs, which had a strong impact on the gene pool. In addition, Dalmatians require special care, which customers were not ready for.

Why is the nickname “carriage dog” assigned to Dalmatian?

Don’t be surprised, but to pursue the prey is also characteristic of this breed of dog. In Italy it was known, and already in Middle Ages took Dalmatians on hunting. The breed appeared in Croatian Dalmatia.

In modern society, Dalmatian hunters were called “forest lanterns” because of their bright colors. Despite the quick reaction, the game is easy to hide. But in the urban environment, the fact that the dog is visible from afar turns out to be a virtue.

They were dubbed “Carriage Dogs” in the times of citizens’ carriage rides. Then the enduring Dalmatians fled near the crew and overcame very long distances. Today, this breed, which loves comfort and convenience, does not mind riding in cars.

Destination of dogs

New York City has discovered a new ability of four-legged people. It turns out that the Dalmatians are excellent at playing the role of fire dogs, and are even a mascot for firefighters. They are also good at circus arenas, where, along with the poodles, they show sharpened numbers. This breed is very capable and can be trained well.

Interestingly, in some countries Dalmatians are used as guide dogs.

Dogs are also excellent babysitters, ideal for families with children and other pets. They love to run and play fast.


Dalmatians are not born with their unique black or brown spots. Puppies are born white and the spots only appear by 3-4 months.

What’s interesting is that this process can take a lifetime. Stains reach 3-6 cm in diameter, sharply contrast with the main woollen cover, and the form is only round.

It is simply impossible to find equally colored Dalmatians. In one litter there can be all variants of color.

The main problem is deafness

Surprisingly, the fact that the gene responsible for spotting causes total or partial deafness in dogs. The breed often lacks the necessary amount of melanin produced by the cells, which provokes deafness.

Scientists have calculated that out of 100% this problem occurs in 30% of individuals.

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