Choosing a miniature dog. Pros and cons.

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So, you’ve already decided to buy a puppy of one of the miniature breeds, but still, which one is it? Chihuahua – Maltese – Yorkshire Terrier or Dwarf Spitz? We will try to weigh the pros and cons of each breed and thus try to help you make up your mind.

Of course, buying a puppy is a very emotional business and the factor of taste (like, dislike) will dominate your decision, and we will try to pay attention to the most important objective factors that should influence your choice.

If you or your family members have had, or have a tendency to have, allergies, forget about the Pomeranian Spitz puppy. Your puppy’s hair is gorgeous, but it can cause very strong allergic reactions. The ideal breeds in this case – Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier – don’t molt at all and have a completely different hair structure from all other dogs. Also, if you categorically disagree with the presence of wool on carpets and sofas, even if it’s only a couple of times a year – then the list of excluded breeds will be added to the list of breeds and Chihuahuahua. A chihuahuahua puppy, regardless of the type of hair, will moult, though not as much as a spitz. If you choose a smooth woolly chihuahuahua, you minimize this factor, but it may still be present.

If you like snow-white maltese, don’t forget about its color! A white dog with such long hair is much harder to keep clean and beautiful. Remember also that maltese is the largest dog by standard of all 4 kids, and also the most “loud” and belligerent! Otherwise, their character is wonderful, not to mention their beauty, and if you have found a way to keep your snow-white miracle clean in our harsh climate, then go ahead, maltese is for you!

Chihuahuahua is a sales leader in the U.S. and Europe, although in our country they have not yet been able to beat the records of the Yorkshire Terrier. Let’s try to understand why the puppies of Chihuahua conquered the Western hearts so steadily. First of all, as it seems to us, it is the size. Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. Fashion to everything miniature gave rise to a real boom in the Chihuahua. Next comes the unpretentiousness of these dogs. Chihuahua coat does not require any special care. Also, the health of the kids is excellent, which is not to say about their often difficult nature. Chihuahua is a much less trusting dog than all other breeds and will require much more attention from you. When choosing a Chihuahua puppy, it’s important to pay attention to his character and, if possible, his parents’ character. If you think your puppy is nervous, afraid of hands, loud noises, think about it, all these qualities can be enhanced over the years. But it may also be the wrong environment for a puppy in a kennel. On the contrary, you’ll need to take him home and share all your love with him.

We will certainly award the Golden Character Prize to the Pomeranian Spitz. Always cheerful and happy, but at the same time extremely tactful and attentive to you, Pomeranian Spitz is a small soul of society. The conflict-free optimist if you want. The little knight-knight-golden heart.

What can’t be said about the king of dog beauty in Russia Yorkshire terrier. On his mind, arrogant and selfish, but infinitely clever is this little golden-silver prince! Yes, he knows his price! If you have several animals in your house, the Yorkshire Terrier will always take the position of the boss, even if the other dogs are 20 times bigger than him! The king is the king, and the size doesn’t matter. But what a unique feeling it is to be loved by a real beauty king, and even with such a high level of intelligence.

The main distinguishing features are now in front of you. You know all the pros and cons

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