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Today, pet shops offer the widest choice of water inhabitants for every taste and color. Naturally, the newcomer is struck by the brightest and most unusual fish! But do not rush. The weirder the fish, the more capricious it is in care.

That is why novice aquarists are advised to buy unpretentious fish that can survive without oxygen, expensive filters for water and strict temperature conditions.

But how is it possible? – Ask you. The secret is simple. In the following fish breathing apparatus is arranged differently. They have adapted to hold the air inside, swallowing it from the water surface. Therefore, even the most ignorant person in the aquarium will not cause trouble to take care of such sea dwellers.

Important: Do not overpopulate the aquarium! Remember that fish do not naturally live in small groups in confined spaces.

I understand that there are still more questions than answers. Believe me, by the end of the article there will be no more questions.


Beautiful, unpretentious, but very scrappy fish. Take note: they are difficult to get along with other fish, prone to over-eating and leave a lot of waste behind.

It is not necessary to contain a rooster with passive, small and clumsy relatives. Also, it is not recommended to put two males in one aquarium, leave the female after the end of spawning and young animals with newly baked daddy.


males reach 10 cm, females – 8 cm;
For keeping will be suitable aquariums of small volume;
comfortable water temperature varies from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius;
Fish do not like sudden temperature changes;
in food are absolutely unpretentious.


The home of these beauties is South-East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam). Their colors range from pearly and marble to golden and spotty. Unlike roosters, gurus are friendly and playful.

They are famous for their unusual ability to absorb atmospheric air.


Fish like bright lighting, thick vegetation and more shelter;
They are champions in jumping, so you should cover the aquarium with glass or a lid;
can live up to 8 hours without water;
are prone to overeating;
need a varied menu;
make friends with Łalius, loaches and other peaceful labyrinth fish.


Fish, home to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, are very shy and shy. They get into small groups of 3-5 individuals, where they feel more confident. They live on average for up to 4 years.


males grow up to 9 cm, females grow up to 5 cm;
Spawning requires algae on the surface of the aquarium;
Water temperature should not exceed 24 degrees Celsius;
The food is unpretentious, but the diet should be diversified;
Smart fishes know how to get insects, aptly spitting out a drop of water in them;
get along well with other peaceful fish.


These beautiful fish are called “paradise fish” because of their unusual colors. The homeland is Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, where they are widely distributed. Like all labyrinth fish, it is able to breathe oxygen from the surface of the water, so about the aeration in the aquarium can not worry.


males reach 10 cm, females – up to 8 cm;
Fish are famous for their aggressiveness, so it is forbidden to keep many males of this breed, or weak and small fish of other breeds;
Do not put in the same aquarium macropods with goldfish, scalarium, guppies, and all varieties of voile fish;
Water temperature, acidity, and water hardness can vary considerably, as fish are not whimsical;
For growth you need an aquarium of medium size;
The surface of the water should be inhabited by plants;
There should be a cover that corrects the light and gives access to atmospheric air.

Ordinary pinching

It has an interesting feature to be restless in bad weather. Meteo-dependent fish is unpretentious, and easily contained in the aquarium.


Body length varies from 10 to 12 cm;
males are smaller than females;
Feed small and quickly sinking food;
Comfortable water temperature mode from 3 to 30 degrees Celsius;
The aquarium does not allow objects with sharp edges;
Neighbors should have the same peaceful and gentle disposition.
So the choice is up to you, the main thing is to take into account the compatibility of future pets and provide the fish with the minimum necessary.

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