Anomalies that surprisingly affect animals

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Not everyone knows, but animals and humans have a lot in common, including diseases. But if a person is not painted, the animals get an unusual look, in a moment becoming the stars of the Internet.
Interesting anomalies occur not only in pets, but also in wildlife. For example, Allen Robertson traveling on exotic islands, went fishing. Hoping to catch a large catch, he did not expect to catch an individual, meeting one in a million. It was a two-tone lobster hybrid. This is possible when different cells, or different species are combined. As a result of this process, a new creature is born. The lobster miracle was saved and sent to the oceanarium.


Toad mutants have been found for the last 200 years and are not uncommon. But three-headed toads are still extremely rare.
An amazing amphibian with six legs and three heads was discovered in the UK in 2004. It was found by children playing on the playground of kindergarten. The mutation, according to scientists, could have occurred both because of the failure at the gene level, and because of environmental pollution. Some people suggested that the mutation was due to the effects of the previously closed Hinckley nuclear power plant, located 19 km from the kindergarten.

Italian wall lizard

Surprisingly, this species has the ability to regenerate its own internal organs! In 1971, scientists moved 10 individuals from one island to another, depriving them of the familiar environment and food at the expense of which the lizards maintained their livelihoods. In 2004 (33 years later), scientists discovered 5,000 members of the species, who were able to adapt to the new site and displaced their relatives who had previously lived on the island. It is noteworthy that the first ten lizards survived.

During these three years, the number of insects has decreased dramatically, but the vegetation has increased. At the same time, the lizards developed special muscles that contribute to the slowdown of digestion.

White tiger Kenny

Kenny is a white tiger, born as a result of forced crossbreeding of brother and sister. The breeder tried to get an exclusive tiger, but in the end was born an inferior animal with a deformed face. Despite his unsightly appearance, he was a very kind and tender animal.
Having lived for a short time, he died of cancer in 2008.

Elephants without tusks

Everyone knows that people make expensive jewelry, weapons and accessories out of tusks. Someone does not mind to add to the collection of tusks in their original form.

Interestingly, the Queen Elizabeth Foundation has published the results of research in which statistics shows an increase in the birth rate of elephants without tusks. And this phenomenon concerns both sexes.

Experts believe that for the sake of survival, elephants are deliberately losing tusks.

Ellie’s transformation

In 2016, a girl from Germany got a regular cat by nicknaming her Ellie. There was nothing strange about the cat for a year until Nicole, the hostess, found a small white bundle of wool on her pet.

Over time, the bundles grew bigger. Nicole, who was worried, took the cat to the vet at the earliest opportunity and was diagnosed with vitiligo. Despite the fact that the disease is often combined with hair and skin diseases, the cat had no other abnormalities.

Today, the transformation continues, says the owner of the animal. Ellie’s unusual reincarnation is being watched by about 7,000 subscribers in the installation.

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