Animals that are of great use to man

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Animal welfare is sometimes priceless for humans. A cat, for example, relieves stress and helps a person to relax. Ultrasound dolphins treat psychological illnesses and developmental disorders. And this is just the beginning of the list…


Let’s start with the most common pet. In addition to the improvement of the psychological indicator, Israeli scientists have found an amazing effect of the dog on the child. After observing 230 children, they concluded that the four-legged dogs were able to normalize blood pressure in children.

In adults, the animal is able to reduce blood pressure and remove headaches. The fact is that stroking a dog activates the tactile receptors on the palms of a person. They send a signal to the CNS to get a “good feeling”. As a result, the owner of the animal becomes less irritable and, as a result, the pressure is normalized.


In addition to decorating the interior and a loyal companion parrots are recommended for children with speech disorders. Male wavy parrots, prone to rapid learning of human speech, will help the child to clearly pronounce the words, and grow up with a faithful companion.


Thanks to the observation of the inhabitants of the aquarium in a person, in addition to improving the psycho-emotional state, the following indicators return to normal:

relieves the load on the eyes, performed relaxed gymnastics for the eyes. Aquariums must be located in the offices, where there is a long work at the computer, long watching TV and reading books;
in neurodermatitis. It is proved that after 15 minutes of observation of fish the manifestation of skin itching decreases;
Heart rate and blood pressure are returning to normal. To do this, it is enough to observe the fish for about 30 minutes;
Due to the colorful stimuli (coloration of the fish) the appetite increases.


It’s no secret that snake therapy has been gaining popularity lately. Most often pythons are used for procedures. Only poisonous and full snakes are taken for massage.

Wriggling on the human body, reptile relieves migraine, back pain and relaxes muscles. This regulates blood pressure, and the person gradually gets rid of phobias in the address of snakes. Ancestors from ancient times respected snakes, and believed that they take all the negative energy on themselves.

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