A true catnip can’t live without a cat

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A cat is so much in that word! Soft feet, antennae, warm cheeks, clawed massage, purring. They do not become catniks, they are born. People who love kittens, have a certain character and vulnerable nature. For as long as I can remember, I have always been accompanied by cats in my life, from birth. A true catnip will always have a cat, in any case. Or even two. What happened to me.

As a child I read a lot of literature about the cat’s character and language. When I see a picture of a “joke” on the Internet, which everyone laughs at, where the cat is supposedly drunk – it is already clear to me that he is moving away from anesthesia. There are also quite obvious pictures of the owner of a sadistic cat and a bullied, frightened cat, because it is visible in the eyes of the animal. Also, I more or less understand the requirements or requests of the cat, it can be heard in tone, length and volume of the animal’s voice.

How I was looking for a mustached friend

So, as a true cat lover and cat scientist, having moved to my apartment, I decided to get a cat, which I had long dreamed of. She was supposed to be like the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast, who is depicted as a graceful, thin and sophisticated cat, with a beautiful necklace around her long neck. For some reason, this animal reminded me of myself, my thinness. For this purpose, I studied the Internet and found the only Egyptian cat, the Egyptian mau. In appearance, she did not look like a sophisticated figure brought from Egypt, but it is difficult to distinguish it from the street Murzyk.

I loved to look at the figure of Bast, and dream of its revival. One day, the world heard me and sent in a dream a beautiful cat, which I had been looking for for a long time. It was a Siamese breed, an oriental group. Waking up, I found information on the Internet that a real Siamese cat, smart, with good memory, and smart nature – takes first place in terms of intellectual abilities.

How to deceive when selling cats

Difficult to buy, was the blatant illiteracy of people selling ordinary cats with a remarkable point color, under the guise of “Siamese”. Most often, under the guise of this breed, Thai cats are sold, which are five times cheaper than true Siamese cats. Most people still don’t know that the Thai cat is not Siamese! He has his own breed – Thai. That’s why I have both a Thai cat and a pure Siamese cat bought at the exhibition. Both animals have documents and are members of the club.

It is noteworthy that in Soviet times, really Thai breed was considered to be Siamese, but in the nineties, it was given a different name, and the Siamese cats were taken out of the Oriental family. A Siamese cat has long, thin legs, a very thin, sharp tail that is bent outwards like a dog, huge, wide ears, a very sharp muzzle and small antennae. The cat has a loud, rough voice, which is characteristic of the entire oriental group.

The pros of my mustache purchase

When I bought this cat, I gave her a beautiful name – Simone, as aristocratic as she herself. Her mental capacity was really high. Once the kitten was shown where to go to the toilet, I have never known any problems with the toilet since. The kitten was very loud and talking, and also friendly. The animal is very social, loves people. He chooses one of his most beloved friends, whom he fully trusts. The hair is thin, without undercoat, the down does not fit, the cat practically does not molt. In the absence of a warm coat – very cold, sleeping only under the blanket. Absolutely not whimsical in terms of games, can even be played with – sock! Likes to be a dog, bring thrown sticks, balloons, and other toys right into your hands.

Siamese food should be very hard, as cats in the eastern group have the strongest jawpress. A cat bites her leg through a covered blanket in peace. The cat is transportable and can tolerate a change of residence; I, for example, took her to the sea with me. The cat is not afraid of dogs and can fight with them. Does not dig flowers, does not draw furniture and wallpaper, it is enough once to show it a place for sharpening claws.

Few people know, but the Siamese nanny does not mind playing with little kids! The cat allows you to sleep on itself, likes to get warm under the side, to drive the ball with the baby. Loves guests, especially men, likes to wash their heads, and bites the unwanted by the neck, or legs under the table.

Some possible disadvantages or disadvantages of the breed

Careful, the Siamese breed isn’t as simple as it looks because:

has a good memory – remembers the resentment, can jump on the passer-by, bite the leg and hide on the horizon, bite the ear of a sleeping offender;

  • likes to talk in a loud voice, it is not always clear how to silence her;
  • She doesn’t like to kiss – she hurts her nose, my cat has bitten my cartilage three times (it’s hard not to kiss her face so narrow that she paid for it);
  • Does not like loud and harsh sounds – fireworks, crying baby, vacuum cleaner, can bite, make deep painful wounds strong claws;
  • does not like to wash categorically, you can be left without an eye;
  • It’s hard for Siamese cats to trust each other twice if it wasn’t justified, for example, stepping on the tail or kicking – everybody, wait for a few months of condescension, and until then she won’t go to bed next to her;
  • Can’t stand being alone, you need a moustached friend or a housekeeper who works at home;
  • early heat, with a loud voice – songs are simply unbearable, especially at night.

Yes, my cat is an amateur cat, and some people came to visit and said “Scary” or “Georgian” and so on. For me, this cat is of rare beauty! And to understand this, you need to really have a great aesthetic taste, or perverted taste, which is basically probably the same thing.

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