5 miniature dogs, ideal for keeping in the apartment

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As a rule, such dogs are small and do not require in-depth knowledge of the content and care. They don’t have any hunting instincts, so they don’t need much training and exercise.

Also, fluffy people know what to do in the absence of a host. Manners, high intelligence, playful character – all these have dogs, ideal for keeping in the apartment.

A pug opens up a puppy’s top five apartment sweethearts

A smart and balanced pug can be easily adjusted to the host mode, adores children and easily gets along with other animals.

In China, pugs were considered to be elite dogs and were kept only in wealthy families. It was all the guilt of the forehead folds, which reminded the Chinese of hieroglyphs.

These dogs are just a treasure trove of all sorts of sounds. So be prepared for the daily snoring, sniffing and grunting of your pet.

It is worth noting that pugs are hard to bear the heat, are prone to obesity and allergies.

The fourth place is taken by Chihuahuahua

Harmonious build of this breed of dog will be suitable for people who have a small apartment. The various colouring of wool, the balanced character, the tiny sizes will subdue even the most avid skeptic. They can be easily worn in a purse, accustomed to the tray and allocate a small corner for sleep.

Sensitive to the mood, Chihuahua always help and support the owner. They have excellent hearing, developed observation, and will become devoted friends for people with hearing loss.

Troika is headed by a French bulldog

A dog of small size at first sight conquers with playful character and friendliness. Bulldogs do not require any special care and are characterized by good health.

The breed is quite independent, so puppies have a good time both in the company of the owner and alone. However, alone dogs can spoil furniture or chew on their favorite shoes. Excellent watchmen. Adore children and will serve as companions for them in games and leprosy.

Interesting fact: bulldogs are insensitive to pain.

Honorable second place goes to the Maltese breed

Distinctive features of cute dogs are high intelligence and fast learning ability. They are self-sufficient, loyal to their owners, friendly and active.

The breed has recently gained popularity among both the average citizen and global stars such as Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Holly Berry and Patricia Kaas.

The championship cup rightfully belongs to the Yorkshire Terrier

Dog anti-stress adapts to the mood of the host and is able to relieve stress after a hard day. Despite the size of the york, the animals are bold and agile. Their bravery has no end! There are known cases of attacks by Yorkshire terriers on large breeds of dogs, and even a bear.

A few centuries ago they were used as rats and military dogs! Today they are ideal for people with allergies, large families and lonely elderly people.

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