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Every owner knows that cats are independent and do not follow the rules. As soon as a kitten is on her feet, she lets herself be squeezed and ironed, strictly limiting the dose of human love.

So why is it that out of all the places that seem attractive and comfortable, the cat follows you into the bathroom day after day? As it turned out, this behavior is not just a sign of curiosity or whimsicality of the animal…

Expert opinion is the main reason

“When it comes to cats, you can forget about the inviolable territory,” says pet behavioral traits expert Marty Becker. But don’t think your pet follows you just because they miss you or want to remind you of themselves.

“Cats always want to know what’s going on in their territory. They just need to make sure you don’t do anything to attract predators,” explains Dr Becker.

Sometimes we forget that our domesticated friends would be considered both predators and prey if they lived in the wild. Although cat predatory behavior is mentioned more often, it is important to remember that the cat’s prey behavior is also intrinsic to them. The reason for this is the small size of the cat among the other diversity of the cat family.

Or maybe the reason is the cat’s DNA?

Other experts believe that the reason for this is the cat’s infinite love for its owner and the fear of losing him. Pets are especially worried about their children and believe that it is their duty to protect them while bathing.

Others tend to think that cats consider small, confined spaces a cage. Therefore, a person who is imprisoned in their opinion must be rescued by a faithful companion – a cat.

Michele Delgado, the cat behavior researcher, puts forward a different theory. “Nowadays, a person is so busy and distracted by other people’s business that many cats are just looking for an opportunity to attract the attention of the owner.

As every cat owner knows, the pet wants affection only on its own terms. Have you ever noticed that a cat is particularly interested if you focus on another object or business?

What could be more intriguing for a cat than a closed door? The cat, feeling your love once again, is convinced that all the doors are open in front of her, both literally and figuratively.

Veterinarian Catherine Primme sums it up as follows: “Vulnerability, curiosity and love for the host are paramount factors, but in fact the nature provides for the confrontation of natural instincts and acquired skills of the cat. Their DNA contains a desire for what they cannot have.

Water-loving cat breeds

Of course, the love of water depends on the animal, but most of these breeds love to splash in the bathroom, both alone and with the owner.

The first place is taken by the Turkish van. Legend has it that this cat jumped off Noah’s Ark to swim to Turkey. The ending of “van” says that the cat bathed in the sacred lake Van, where along with the water absorbed the love of swimming.

The second place belongs to the Maine Coon breed. This cat proves by all means that she has nothing to be afraid of, including water. So don’t be surprised if your cat will protect all the water sources in your home

The third place is separated by American and Kuril bobtail. Amazingly beautiful cats are connected by two things – love for hunting and water. Despite their wild temperament, they are faithful and loving animals who would like to learn a couple of tricks on the water.

The fourth place is taken by a Bengali cat. The owners say that if she hears the rain or the crane on, she will be here. Chain-legged feet easily catch anything in the water, and the playful nature of the cat makes her dive into the water.

The fifth place goes to the Egyptian Mau. The cat is famous not only for its first-class hunting instincts, but also for its zealous attachment to water. Their attention is also attracted by faucets, miniature waterfalls and aquariums. If you encourage your kitten’s hobby, you’ll soon get a fearless swimmer in your bathroom.

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